Mary Hammond’s Dynamic Energetic Healing®

Mary Hammond's Dynamic Energetic Healing®

Full Description

Dynamic Energetic Healing® (DEH) was born over a two-year period while Mary Hammond MA, LPC, Howard Brockman LCSW, and Nancy Gordon LCSW met at least weekly for personal energy clearing and professional support. During this two year period we developed, synthesized, and simplified many energy psychology strategies which are drawn from the ancient energy traditions.

Dynamic Energetic Healing® began as one model and became multi-faceted. It is for all practical purposes a step-by-step process that shifts the basic energetic structure of illness and replaces it with an energetic structure of health and well-being. This model may also be applied to soul’s purpose — life path, creating abundance, relationship issues, performance, and business goals. See my client website, You will learn simple, concrete, practical, self-administered techniques that will change your work with clients/patients, and their lives.

For practitioners who do their own healing along the way, and the work creates a unique healing field which deepens intuition and greatly enhances one’s abilities to assist others in their healing process from mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual problems. The text and the trainings include the latest research in energy psychology and related fields, and the technical and ethical standards of practice as established by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and the disciplines of the practitioners. Each practitioner and participant is supported in finding well-being and deepening their path, if they so desire. The energetic techniques, primarily from Chinese medicine and energy medicine, stir spiritual questions. Practitioners will learn the art of dealing with these spiritual questions in the therapeutic setting from the client’s point of view. Modern medicine and Mental/Behavioral Health has “forgotten” that their disciplines demand that practitioners be on the path of a healer for their well-being and their clients/patients. This work will encourage that path based on your established or discovered traditions.

If you are just embracing your path as a healer or if you are a seasoned practitioner you will be amazed at the potential that DEH® offers! Join us as we build the bridge from traditional psychological and medical models to a wider paradigm of possibilities.