7 in 5 Wellness

7 in 5 Wellness

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The name “7 in 5 Wellness” refers to the paradox of modern life. We are expected to do more because we have more tools, gadgets, automation, prepared foods, and electronic aids. But these modern conveniences come often with a high toll to our health. They place a tremendous amount of stress on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Dr. Stephen Rechtschafen, the cofounder of Omega Institute for Holistic Health describes this as “time poverty” and “hurry sickness” .

We can do more with less, but we are expected also to do a lot more with less: less resources, less support, less rest, less connection, less humanity, less courtesy, less appreciation, less care…

We often find ourselves in a crisis (health, nutritionally, relationally, energy-wise, sleep-wise, etc…) before we really stop to acknowledge and take stock of our lives and compensation patterns from lack, resulting in our gradual journey away from wellness and intergration.

Oftentimes, society’s and our own, unrealistic expectations need clarification, refinement, and management. There are things we can’t control, but there are many we can.

At 7 in 5 Wellness we look your whole being, and gently and honorably work to build skills and encourage good habits to bring more balance, peace, and yes, wellness.

We use a variety of tools to resolve your health and wellness goals. Diet and nutritional supplementation are important, but also important are emotional and spiritual support healing, balancing, and rest. Care can take many forms.