6th Dimension Holistic Health Services

6th Dimension Holistic Health Services

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CLIENT SESSIONS, TRAINING, & WELLNESS RETREATS: Polarity Therapy, Visionary Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Ranna® Tai Chi, Ranna® Yoga℠, Aumgenics℠.

LOCATIONS: Middletown near Winchester, VA, AND Springwood, NSW, Australia.

Ranna is a Board Certified Practitioner who has served on the Board of the American Polarity Therapy Association as Ethics Liaison. Originally from Australia, she brings a warm, subtle, down to earth, Aussie quality to your therapeutic or learning process.

The Middletown office is a serene, retreat style location surrounded by views of Virginia’s famous Blue Ridge. The Springwood location is in the heart of the fabled Blue Mountains of Australia. Currently (2012), Individualized Immersion Wellness Retreats are also offered at the Middletown location. Both locations impart their own subtle healing energies which enhance the therapeutic work.

Training DVDs of Ranna Yoga℠ – the Aumgenics℠ System are now also available, based on Ranna’s TV series. This movement system blends Polarity Yoga with Visionary Cranio-Sacral Therapy principles, traditional Hatha Yoga and Tai Chi and Chi Gong principles.

Dr Lachlan’s work is underpinned by substantial inter-disciplinary research in India and other parts of Asia.