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New England Institute of Hypnotherapy

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As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are more and more Hypnotherapy training programs online everyday. Unlike brick-and-mortar businesses, it takes a relatively small monetary investment to open an Online business and to create an impression of stability, quality, and staying power. Which makes your decision harder than it was 14 years ago when NEIH first began offering DL trainings because then there were so few of us, at least in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification trainings.

NEIH has been training Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists for 18 years,  The internet is relatively new, but we’re not. We were an exclusively seminar-driven training program for years prior to 1999 when we first created an online presence at

 Although we continue to offer attended Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification seminars, it has become apparent in the last 14 years, that in spite of or because of technology, our lives are getting busier and many of the busy professionals we train just don’t have the time to commit themselves to a weekend or a 5-day attended training.

Thus the NEIH Distance-learning training division has grown by leaps and bounds. And here’s why. Our DL programs are recorded Live at NEIH Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Seminars, so that our DL learners have the opportunity to “attend” each seminar as often as they want, in the convenience of their homes or offices, savings a bunch of time and money, PLUS they are welcome to access our Student Hotline Phone Support for any questions or help that they need.

After successfully offering our DL programs for 14 years, we KNOW how well they work for our students. Our DL trainings can be completed by our students entirely at a distance with no seminar attendance requirements.